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Which Type of Paint Suits Your Style?

Are you hoping to get in touch with your creative side this summer?

Perhaps you are considering taking a Mullingar art class, but aren’t sure what type of painting you’d like to try.

If you are interested in painting, you should know there are three basic types of paint for art: watercolour, acrylic and oil. Different types of paint create very different looks.

Which types appeals to you? What is the best kind of paint to achieve a particular look? Which paints work on which surfaces? Let’s explore the options.

  • Watercolour – Watercolour paints seem to glow because they allow light to reflect off the paper beneath the paint. They can be transparent or opaque – or somewhere in between. The glowing quality and transparency give watercolour paints a softer look. Watercolour paints are wonderful at capturing the subtle shades of nature and people. You can use watercolour paints on special paper crafted to absorb them.

  • Acrylic – Acrylic paints are water-based. This medium is less than 100 years old, but has become extremely popular with both recreational painters and serious artists. Acrylics can be bright and vibrant, and they are easier to work with than oil paints. They are also extremely versatile. You can use acrylic paint on canvas, wood or paper.

  • Oil – Oil paints require careful handling and must be cleaned up with the proper solvents. Oil paint is thick, and oil paintings sometimes have a texture because of the way the paint is spread across the canvas. This paint does not dry so much as it hardens, which can make it susceptible to cracking. You can use oil paint on canvas and on prepared wood.

You can get a good idea of what kind of results are possible with each type of paint by studying the works done in them. Georgia O’Keeffe painted small, vibrant watercolors expressing her interest in color, composition and a new approach to making art. Vincent Van Gogh painted almost 150 watercolors.

Paul Klee, Edward Hopper and J.M.W. Turner also used watercolours. Because acrylic paint is newer, the list of famous names is shorter. But quality trumps quantity! Modern legends Andy Warhol and David Hockney worked in acrylic. Oil is the medium of many classical masters. Claude Monet’s Water Lilies are in oil paint. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is oil paint on a wood panel.

Taking a painting class in Mullingar is a good way to learn how it feels to use different types of paint. When you take an art class, you can sample different materials before deciding which ones you enjoy the most and which create the looks you like best.

A Mullingar art class is a great introduction to painting. An experienced teacher can give you personalized feedback and suggestions to help you master the techniques and understand which mediums give you the results you want. And a Mullingar painting class is also a fun way to relax and discover your creativity.

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