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The ICAN project

Crane Bird Art School was invited by Yishuge, a German non-profit organization in Berlin, to participate in a project called ICAN - International Community Art Network.

With the motto: “Art is a universal language beyond borders and cultural differences” the ICAN project organizes an exchange of paintings among Chinese children and children from other countries all over the world. It was an honour to be invited to participate in such a wonderful project like this one.

One painting/drawing done at Crane Bird Art School by the children will be used as part of the project and will be exchange with students in China with the goal of promoting cultural exchange and an interest in art from young children.

This cultural and artistic exchange is key to understanding and accepting cultural difference. Enjoying the art of other cultures is one of the best ways to understand the real nature of this culture and I am sure all the children at Crane Bird Art School will enjoy to participate!

For further information on the programme you can visit

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